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Bitcoin Armory is an open-source, python-based, wallet-management application for the Bitcoin network.

Armory is a desktop application for Bitcoin funds management. It is a full-featured Bitcoin wallet management application which aims to combine the two characteristics of wallets previously perceived as mutually exclusive: security and usability. It comes with a set of unique features not available in any other client, although it is possible to use its split interface to choose “standard” mode which is devoid of some information people new to Bitcoin may consider excessive.



Armory main interface

Multi-currency wallet Armory allows you to create messages using a private private key – the recipient will always know that he received a message from a particular user.

Armory wallet, in fact, is an addition to Bitcoin Core, which allows to increase the level of security in the operation of virtual means.

The main requirement for the installation of the wallet Armory is the presence of another workstation, which has more than 512 megabytes of RAM and USB-drive for storing information. In this case, the second station – a computer should not be connected to the Internet. This condition ensures the safety of confidential data, even if the attacker hacked your account-access to the tools will be limited due to the lack of an online connection

When using a mobile wallet, it is necessary to ensure high-quality encryption of the client, and the backup copy of the keys of the wallet Armory should be stored in another source of information. This is a guarantee that even if you lose control of the application passwords will provide an adequate level of protection for your funds.


The Armory project was announced January 3rd, 2012[1].


The project received $2,661 by 26 funders on crowdfunding site RocketHub. The project completed it’s funding on 2012-March-19[2].


  • Unlimited number of wallets – Armory was designed from the start to support multi-wallet operations without limit on number.
  • Dialogue option to print paper backup when creating wallet.
  • Watching-only wallets – there is a possibility of forking a “watching-only” wallet that contains no private-key data, but can still be used generate addresses and confirm payments.
  • Wallet-update logic guarantees all atomic file operations. The system will automatically recover user’s wallets after any power failures or extremely rare-but-possible RAM/HDD errors.

The Armory wallet site offers users several user modes:

  • Standard – standard;
  • Advanced-advanced;
  • Developer-expert mode.


Armory bitcoin wallets are a reliable way to store and manipulate cryptocurrency. Why is it necessary to choose an electronic wallet Armory Wallet when creating a wallet – to get an answer to this question will allow an overview of all the advantages that this client provides to the user:

  • secure management of funds even if you are connected to the Internet;
  • storing private keys on the offline media, working in offline mode;
  • address creation and control of funds without risk of hacking by intruders;
  • operation by means of offline mode when using USB-key;
  • the ability to create a paper wallet.


Despite the fact that the installation of the Armory wallet on the computer offers bitcoin a lot of positive aspects of the client’s use, among its positive aspects it is also necessary to highlight some disadvantages, which somewhat darken the picture:

  • Armory requires that you have plenty of free disk space to install;
  • operation options the Armory client requires specific skills and experience in the use of such programs;
  • to generate the Armory wallet requires the official Bitcoin Core wallet because of the lack of Armory needed network functions;
  • easy of use in the Armory only for Windows platforms, Linux, Mac, Ubuntu.

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