BestRate is the first aggregator of crypto exchanges. It allows users to change any of their coins to others using trustful exchange providers. You can also buy crypto with fiat using this service.

BestRate partners with the most reliable exchanging providers and show users the rates that they give. Users are free to use any of this providers to perform a transaction, but the system suggests to choose the one with the best price. Users are not transferred to any other pages after they choose the provider. They are asked to fill the form with the crypto wallets addresses and wait for the transaction to be processed. It usually takes up to 30 minutes to see the requested amount on the user’s wallet. All transactions are made through API and do not require any additional information from the users.

Solutions for business
BestRate uses their technology to help crypto-related companies to accept payments in any cryptocurrency and fiat. There are different types of products for any business.

ICO payment tool
Is the solution for ICOs that allows them to accept FIAT and any cryptocurrency for their tokens. This simple and powerful widget can be installed on any website and be linked with ICO wallet or smart-contract. Key features of this product are:

  1. Flexible setup options. Small startups can distribute their tokens manually enjoying the ease of 5-minutes-installation with no technical skills. Huge companies can automate the whole process of integration of our tool with their smart contracts.
  2. Security. We have no access to your funds, the money is transferred from your investors to your ICO wallet directly.
  3. Ranges and bonuses. Set up the minimum and the maximum amount that your investors can pay. Specify tasty bonuses for huge investors.
  4. Customize KYC fields. Set up the fields to gather necessary information about your investors and filtrate those who don’t fit into your ICO policies.
  5. Tokens listing. List your tokens on our platform in a fast and secure way. Listed tokens can be converted into any of 80+ cryptocurrencies
  6. Mobile version support. Investors are free to use any device so you will not miss a dollar.
  7. Color customization. Use predefined themes or create your own according to your website design.

Token listing
Allows ICOs that have successfully finished their ICOs to list their tokens on the in-spite of waiting up to 2 months for listing on other exchanges. The key feature here is the speed. A token can be listed in one-two weeks and everyone on the internet will be able to buy and exchange it with any cryptocurrency and FIAT.
Key features of the BestRate Listing solution:

  1. Users can buy your tokens for 80+ cryptos.
  2. Sell your tokens for FIAT (USD and EUR).
  3. Low fees. We charge you only 1 BTC for listing, which is incomparably less than the fees of most exchanges.
  4. Marketing support. We can help you promote your project on top media platforms.

eCommerce Tool
This product allows any e-commerce website accept payments in cryptocurrency. It can be used for online shops and any other businesses who are ready to accept crypto for their goods and services.

  1. Accept payments in 80+ cryptos
  2. Accept payments in FIAT (USD, EUR, etc.)
  3. Easy integration

Merchant Tool
This is the flexible solution suitable for eny crypto-related project. It can be installed with a lot of flexible options to meet your project’s needs.

  1. Accept payments in 80+ cryptos
  2. Accept payments in FIAT (USD, EUR, etc.)
  3. Works for online games and other crypto projects
  4. Increased deposit limits

Donation widget
A free and simple solution for non-commercial companies and bloggers that allows them to collect any cryptocurrency as a donation.

  1. Accept donation in 80+ cryptos
  2. Accept donation in FIAT (USD, EUR, etc.)
  3. Free of charge
  4. Easy integration

BestRate Payout
This is a simple and effective way to collect cryptocurrency for your personal needs. Just create a free page for your goal and send the link to your friends to collect money. Easy and secure.

  1. Accept payments in 80+ cryptos
  2. Accept payments in FIAT (USD, EUR, etc.)
  3. Only 1% transaction fee
  4. Receive the money directly to your ETH-wallet

Affiliate program
BestRate also has an affiliate program for the ones who would like to become their partners. Using the affiliate link, partners can be rewarded with up to 30% of any income BestRate gets from sales.

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