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Kenetic Capital is a privately held trading venture capital company and investment firm specializing in digital assets and startups using blockchain technology. The foundation tries to help expand the blockchain platform through investment, consulting services, community building, and the implementation of new technologies. Kenetic offers various digital asset-related structured products to its partners.



The foundation acts as a curator for projects that provide such services:

  • business tokenization;
  • recommendations for the sale of tokens;
  • comprehensive development of the token (help with listing, establish strategic partnerships and “grind” the product if necessary);
  • advise on many issues.


NIFTY conference in 2018 organized by Kenetic

Kenetic Capital was founded in Hong Kong by three experienced people: Jehan Chu, Lawrence Chu, David Wills. In 2016, when the company was founded, the co-founders managed to assemble an experienced team of traders, analysts and portfolio managers to ensure reliable and proven risk management, as well as quantitative and qualitative analysis of investment data.

The fund wants not only to invest in projects but also to build good relations with the crypto community. Recently Kenetic has organized a free conference called NIFTY, together with the project Decentraland and other sponsors (Coinbase, Ox, OKEx, and others). The goal of NIFTY is to bring together the best developers and create a community in which they will collaborate with each other. Developers could present their ideas, and the best of them received cash rewards.


The portfolio of Kenetic includes only blockchain projects that are already well known around the world, namely: Omisego Network, Ox, ICON, Status, Bluzelle, Zilliqa, as well as some coins that are in the top 10 at CoinMarketCap (Ethereum, Zcash, Bitcoin, Ripple, and others). Kenetic’s investments include projects related to scalability, payment systems, blockchain protocols for data transmission, and the fund invests in protocols that support the security of the blockchain technology, as it believes that this is really important in our time. And most importantly, they invest in the Seed stage, which is very risky, but quite profitable.


There are only several projects in the portfolio of Kenetic Capital that the foundation supports as a strategic partner – Essentia, Terra, Data, Zilliqa, and others. Another partner is known – Tora Trading Services. It provides advanced trading technology and financial services. With the help of Tora, any foundation can use their service. It provides all the necessary tools, namely: a portfolio and risk management system, analytics mechanisms. This theme is popular in Asia, and many foundations have been using it for a long time.

Teaming up with Kenetic Capital, they created their own project called Caspian, which aims to provide institutional investors with a platform for cryptography and risk management with full tools. Experts say that this alliance is very promising for the future.


Jehan Chu – managing partner and co-founder of the fund

Managing partner and co-founder of the fund Jehan Chu takes the most part of development. In addition, he is an advisor to such projects as Melonport, QTUM, and OpenANX. Since 2013, he has diligently promoted blockchain technology in wide society. He is a co-founder of the Bitcoin Association and founder of the Ethereum community in Hong Kong. And he and his wife created the charity organization Social Alphafoundation. In most cases, donations from various funds are received there, which are then redirected to socially necessary projects.

Steven Verhelst is a co-founder of Kenetic Capital. Until that time, he was Managing Director of HSBC Investment Banking, as well as Head of Strategic Capital and Finance for projects related in Asia.

Lawrence Chu is a co-founder of Kenetic Capital. In addition to this fund, he is listed as a co-founder and managing partner of BlackPine Private Equity Partners. Lawrence is the Vice Chairman of the Venture Smart Group, which specializes in private asset management. He has over 12 years of experience in this industry.

David Wills – Seduces Chief Operating Officer at Kenetic Capital. Former Managing Director and Head of Asia Trading Och-Ziff Capital and also has 15 years of experience in hedge funds. He is also a co-founder of the Caspian project.

Daniel Weinberg is the general director and managing partner of the fund. He has 20 years of experience in the trade. In parallel, he is an ex-senior partner of Optiver Asia Pacific (the oldest company providing liquidity services to financial markets). He is listed as a board member of Simple Token and Airswap.


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