Luno is active in South Africa, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Nigeria, allowing customers from those countries to buy and sell Bitcoin using their local currency, with their operational headquartered in Singapore. Users from other countries still has access to the Luno suite of web and mobile wallets. BitX was founded in 2013 and was renamed to Luno in 2017. It completed a SGD $1m (USD $824,000) seed funding round in 2014 and raised USD $4m in Series A funding in 2015.



However, Luno also offers a Bitcoin wallet service to users from other countries not listed above.

Luno Products:

Luno is available as an IOS, Android and Desktop download. Luno offers multiple currency pairs across their active geographies.

Payment Methods

Deposit options:

  • Indonesian rupiah (IDR): Bank transfer
  • Malaysian ringgit (MYR): Inter-Bank GIRO
  • Nigerian naira (NGN): Bank transfer
  • South African rand (ZAR): Bank transfer (EFT)
  • Bitcoin wallet

Withdrawal options:

  • Linked bank account
  • Bitcoin wallet

Trading fees

Luno follows a maker-taker fee model. Traders who place trades, either in local currency or Bitcoin, on the market are called Makers and pay a 0% fee when their orders are matched. Traders who match an existing order on the market are known as Takers and pay a 1% fee.

There are no fees for Bitcoin deposits or withdrawals. The fees for local currency (fiat) deposits and withdrawals can be found on the [1]


Traders can make use of the Luno API. It supports market data feeds and also trading on the exchange.

Full documentation is available on the Luno site.

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Trading pair Country
BTC-ZAR Luno South Africa Exchange
BTC-MYR Luno Malaysia Exchange
BTC-NGN Luno Nigeria Exchange
BTC-IDR Luno Indonesia Exchange
BTC-SGD Luno Singapore Exchange