Lyfe is a decentralised wellness rewards and gamification platform for healthy lifestyle through blockchain technology. We strive to promote healthy lifestyle through wellness challenges and Lyfe Rewards as an open platform for various fitness and health apps to join us in making health and well-being more fun and rewarding for everyone. Lyfe will also empower fitness and/or health app providers to promote their services and benefit from cross-platform leaderboard and challenges.

We aim to provide an open-access cross-platform reward and loyalty system for wellness promotion with blockchain technology at the core of rewards and redemption. We believe that by promoting healthy lifestyle we can help reduce the number of chronic disease and eventually drive forward the advancement of healthcare ecosystem, especially in developing country.

Lyfe team are experienced in running healthcare technology company for many years with millions of users routinely using their services. One of Lyfe subsidiary company is the pioneer and one of the biggest healthcare media company with formal business relationship with Indonesia’s Ministry of Health along with various healthcare facilities and corporations in the country.



Lyfe Token is a digital asset or utility token that is at the core of Lyfe Healthy Lifestyle Platform. It is invented to enable the pursuit of better well-being for everyone through rewards and redemption. With Lyfe Token, individuals will be rewarded for following a healthy lifestyle plan or achieving certain outcomes such as losing weight, quitting smoking, achieving fitness goals. With open-access and cross-platform SDK, they can also easily track their progress against goals – such as managing blood pressure or lowering cholesterol.

Lyfe Token as a reward can be exchanged with currency or used to redeem various personalised rewards and vouchers that match users’ interest and lifestyle. Healthcare corporations and professionals are allowed to partner with Lyfe as clients, challenge sponsors, or rewards providers. Through partnership with Lyfe, they will enjoy a better business and exposure to millions of users from around the world. Furthermore, they will have access to Lyfe Token that they can use to trade their loyalty points.


At Lyfe, we strive to establish a universal platform where pursuing healthy lifestyle is fun and rewarding. Currently, there are millions of wearable health products and application that promote healthy lifestyle in the market, but the abandonment rate are staggering. More than half of users who own wearable devices stop using them due to lack of data context and engagement. We founded Lyfe as a gamification platform to incentivise user and to rectify this issue. We determine to be the pioneer and achieve our vision with the power of the people through blockchain.

Our goal is to be the leading universal healthcare rewards platform in the open digital economy, where we will be the principal stakeholder that help shape and drive the advancement of the industry.


Lyfe Health Pte Ltd, also known as Lyfe, Team is not a newcomer to healthcare and digital worlds. It was founded by the same team who established, formally known as PT Media Kesehatan Indonesia, the pioneer and one of the biggest online healthcare platform and online consultation in Indonesia. DokterSehat project was initiated in 2007 and has served millions of Indonesians over the years. DokterSehat team are very perceptive to healthcare trends and needs in Indonesia with years of experience in serving and scaling the company. With DokterSehat as one of our subsidiary product, we have massive advantage of not only capable team but also big data that can be leveraged to conceive an insightful strategy.

One of the founder of Lyfe is also the most influential cryptocurrency figure in Indonesia, Oscar Darmawan. He is the founder of Indodax, the biggest and most popular cryptocurrency exchange (used to be known as PT Bit Coin Indonesia/ Indodax is the biggest digital asset marketplace in Southeast Asia, with more than 1.5 million active members and daily trading volume as high as 230 million USD. In 2018, Oscar went to found Tokenomy, one of the most successful ICO project in Southeast Asia. Tokenomy was founded by Oscar and DokterSehat first advisor & partner, Christian Hsieh, to be the biggest Global Token Platform and the principal player in the tokenisation economy. With the best of both worlds, Lyfe is founded on top of sustainable crypto ecosystem that rely on Blockchain Technology with strong insights on healthcare industry. Our team knows very well the challenges of healthcare industry and businesses that operate in the cryptocurrency space. We believe that it is time for healthcare industry to be revolutionised.

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