Lyfe Token

Lyfe Token is a digital asset or utility token that is at the core of Lyfe Healthy Lifestyle Platform. It is invented to enable the pursuit of better well-being for everyone through rewards and redemption. With Lyfe Token, individuals will be rewarded for following a healthy lifestyle plan or achieving certain outcomes such as losing weight, quitting smoking, achieving fitness goals. With open-access and cross-platform SDK, they can also easily track their progress against goals – such as managing blood pressure or lowering cholesterol.

Lyfe Token as a reward can be exchanged with currency or used to redeem various personalised rewards and vouchers that match users’ interest and lifestyle. Healthcare corporations and professionals are allowed to partner with Lyfe as clients, challenge sponsors, or rewards providers. Through partnership with Lyfe, they will enjoy a better business and exposure to millions of users from around the world. Furthermore, they will have access to Lyfe Token that they can use to trade their loyalty points.

Lyfe Token is a utility token at the heart of the Wellness Gamification and Rewards Platform. Lyfe Token will be used in various use cases, such as:

LyfeREWARDS: Blockchain Rewards and Loyalty

LyfeREWARDS is a decentralised rewards program to incentivise people to live a healthy lifestyle. Build on top of blockchain technology, LyfeREWARDS and Lyfe Token is the core of all Lyfe platform. LyfeREWARDS will distribute Lyfe Token according to eligibility and challenge that has been completed by users. Lyfe Rewards will measure and distribute the rewards according to data point received from the various fitness and health app or wearable device that is onboard of Lyfe platform.

  • Rewarding Healthy Lifestyle

Be it losing weight, quitting smoking, or achieving fitness goal, Lyfe will always reward you for maintaining your health. Lyfe open-access cross-platform program will rewards you with Lyfe Token based on various fitness data points that you submit, from fitness application to wearable device. Periodically, Lyfe will also open a rewards challenge where you can win a huge rewards for winning the challenge.

  • Decentralised Loyalty Points

With Open API and SDK, Lyfe will allow app developers to use LyfeREWARDS platform in their own ecosystem while still maintaining the exchangeability factor of the token. App developer can also use Lyfe Token as the basis for their own loyalty points or simply pair to Lyfe Token to join Lyfe blockchain ecosystem.

User who has completed a set of rewarding tasks will be able to increase his levels and unlock more rewards. Lyfe Token and achievements that has been obtained through LyfeCHALLENGE program can also be exchanged for products, service, and loyalty points from participating merchants.

  • Rewards Redemption

Lyfe Token can be exchanged with currency or used to redeem personalised gifts that are tailored to match your interest and lifestyle. With Open API, your Lyfe Token can also be converted into loyalty points of participating vendors.

LyfeCHALLENGE: Wellness Gamification Challenge

Do you know that lack of engagement is the main reason that people stop living a healthy lifestyle and abandon fitness tracking app or device? More than half of people abandon their health devices and apps due to lack of engagement and incentive. Lyfe platform will overcome this problem with both LyfeREWARDS and LyfeCHALLENGE, Wellness Challenge Program.

  • Forming Healthy Habit

Forming healthy habit takes different approach than exercising or eating right. By conquering small achievement one day at a time, LyfeCHALLENGE will help you build healthy habit, track your activities and achieve your goals. From losing weight to quitting smoking, you will achieve it with LyfeCHALLENGE.

  • Community and Multiplayer

Who climbed the most stairs? Walk the most steps? If you can measure it, a fun challenge can be created. Community and Multiplayer challenge will help you discover that friendly competition. which makes it easier to develop good well-being habits. When you make getting healthy a group effort, it will be more fun to develop healthy habits. LyfeCHALLENGE will get people around you to get involved, talk about your progress and make well-being a natural part of your life.

  • Rewards and Sponsorship Challenge

Periodically, Lyfe will open a big rewards challenge, such as a month-long stair climbing marathon for you or your group. This challenge can be sponsored by certain brands and might requires entrance fee to join. Winner of the challenge will be entitled to huge LyfeREWARDS, one-of-a-kind smart contract Achievement medals, and bragging rights in the Lyfe Community Leaderboard.

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