PaperBack Encrypted Paper Backup of your Wallet


A program called PaperBack«2» allows a user to encrypt and print a paper copy of a file, to restore the file you scan or provide a image of the printed paper and it decodes the file <br /> «It should be noted this guide is for Windows Only, A Linux based guide is coming soon»

How to use with your Wallet

  1. Download PaperBack from the location provided before
  2. Open PaperBack
  3. Open Options and select the options you wish to have (For more info, read the page provided above)
  4. Drag and drop the file (wallet.dat) into the window for printing
    1. File -> Save to bitmap, It will ask you what file to encode, and then where to save the bitmap

Restoring your Wallet

  1. Scan or provide the bitmap of the backup
  2. Wait for processing
  3. Save wallet.dat


Here is the first Image: Encoded Image<br /> Its a empty wallet.dat with Encryption on (AES-256), standard options past that<br /> Here is the damaged copy, Opened in GIMP saved as a JPEG at 4% Compression, then converted back into a Bitmap: Damaged Re-Encoded Image <br /> ECC had to correct 56bytes of bad data.. once decoded the md5 hashes where the same! <br /> Here is a screenshot asking for the password (The password is “bitcoin”) Screen Shot

Example of printed output

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