Bitcoin billionaires

Bitcoin billionaires – are people who have grown rich on bitcoins. Given that this cryptocurrency is showing unprecedented growth, it is obvious that many people wanted to make a fortune just by keeping bitcoins for the last several years. Officially, at the beginning of December 2017, the balance of only two wallets exceeds $ 1 billion. But the inventor of bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, is unofficially considered to be the richest bitcoin holder.



According to stock market reports, the capitalization of bitcoin on December 4 is more than $ 190.727 billion. At the same time, based upon the statistics of portal, at the beginning of December, 1953 addresses have more than $ 10 million on their balance sheet, 20,381 wallets have a balance of more than $ 1,000,000, and 166,045 ones – more than $ 100,000.

According to the website, 1.55% of all bitcoins belong to only two wallets with a balance of 119,203 BTC and 139,966 [[BTC|bitcoin (or $ 1,372,145,733 and $ 1,611,148,626). And the “richest” wallet in the period from 3 to 4 December bought another 12,372 BTC ($ 142.4 million), and was registered in January 2017. In the first hundred wallets with the largest balance sheet, about 40 were also created in 2017.

112 wallets have from 10 to 100 thousand bitcoins on the balance sheet. More than half of the wallets, or 13,440,563, have a balance of less than 0.001 bitcoins, or about 11.5 dollars or less. Their total capital is about $ 27 million. 534,096 wallets have a balance from 1 to 10 bitcoins, or from about $ 11,500 to $ 115,000 (as of December 4). 16 265 wallets have from 100 to 1000 coins.

In this case, it is worth considering that allbitcoins. wallets]] are anonymous, and one user can have several wallets at once, therefore, it is difficult to draw precise conclusions from this picture.

Known bitcoin billionaires

According to some reports, the inventor of this cryptocurrency, hiding under the name of Satoshi Nakamoto, keeps the greatest number of bitcoins. It is considered that immediately after the creation of bitcoin, he was able to mine about 980 000 coins. In terms of the bitcoin rate on December 4, 2017, it’s about $ 11.28 billion. Apparently, Satoshi Nakamoto does not perform any operations with these bitcoins, they are just kept in his wallets.

More media people who have made their financial success on bitcoins public are the twins Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss. They are known for accusing Mark Zuckerberg of stealing their ideas for Facebook and went into litigation with him in this connection.

Of $ 65 million that Zuckerberg paid to the Winklevoss brothers, they invested $ 11 million in bitcoin in 2013. Recently, the British media called them the first Bitcoin billionaires: after the rapid rise of the bitcoin exchange rate, their investments returned to them with a hundredfold profit.

Legalization of bitcoin capital

Many states have not yet defined their position for bitcoin. Nevertheless, the size of the sums that users of bitcoin wallets possess makes the governments of the countries to look for solutions on this question.

For example, in the United States bitcoin is recognized as property, not currency, and all transactions with it are taxed, like any transactions with property. Sellers who approve bitcoins for payment should also indicate profits with them in their declarations. Like miners, which are required to add their profits from mining into gross annual income.

In the EU, bitcoin is recognized as a currency, some transactions with it are subject to income tax or capital gains tax. Different approaches can be used in different EU countries.

In Japan, bitcoins are full-fledged payment instruments along with fiat currencies, so incomes from transactions with them are also taxed.

In Russia, the legal status of cryptocurrencies has not been fully decided. It is planned to adopt the relevant bill in the summer of 2018.

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