Cypherpunks (book)

Cypherpunks: Freedom and the Future of the Internet is a 2012 book by Julian Assange, in discussion with and cypherpunks , and . Its primary topic is society’s relationship with . In the book, the authors warn that the Internet has become a tool of the , and that the world is inadvertently heading toward a form of . They promote the use of cryptography to protect against state surveillance. He told Guardian journalist : Assange later wrote in : “Strong cryptography is a vital tool in fighting state oppression.” saying that was the message of his book, Cypherpunks.

Cypherpunks is published by . Its content derives from discussions in June 2012 with Appelbaum, Müller-Maguhn and Zimmermann on Assange’s TV show .

Topics by chapter

  • Increased communication versus increased surveillance
  • The militarization of cyberspace
  • Fighting total surveillance with the laws of man
  • Private sector spying
  • Fighting total surveillance with the laws of physics
  • The Internet and politics
  • The Internet and economics
  • Censorship
  • Privacy for the weak, transparency for the powerful
  • Rats in the opera house

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