FISINT (Foreign Instrumentation Signals INTelligence) is from the interception of foreign electromagnetic emissions associated with the testing and operational deployment of foreign aerospace, surface, and subsurface systems. Since it deals with signals that have communicational content, it is a subset of , which, in turn, is a subset of . Unlike general COMINT signals, the content of FISINT signals is not in regular human language, but rather in (instrumentation) language or in a combination of regular human language and instrumentation language. FISINT is also considered as a subset of (measurement and signature intelligence).

Typical examples of such communication include:

  • Telemetry data (). Missiles, satellites and other remotely monitored devices often transmit streams of data concerning their location, speed, engine status and other metrics.
  • Video data links. These may be from or from satellites used for reconnaissance.
  • Remote access and control transmissions, such as from , and wireless systems.
  • Command signals used in , such as the control of aerial vehicles, missiles and .

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